Dental Implants Offer Several Benefits for Single or Multiple Missing Teeth

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Dental Implants Function Like Your Natural Teeth

If you have missing teeth in Berwyn, IL, you may benefit from dental implants as a tooth replacement procedure with Dr. Timothy Walsh. The post of the implant acts just like the root of the tooth and the crown on top looks and functions just like your real teeth. Implants do not require additional maintenance and continue to be the preferred solution for replacing missing teeth.

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Single and Multiple Missing Teeth in Berwyn, IL

Many adults will end up losing their teeth to tooth decay or periodontal disease at some point in their lives and will need a viable form of tooth replacement to maintain a healthy smile. Dr. Walsh offers single dental implants as well as implant supported dental bridges and dentures to replace a single or multiple missing teeth.

Replacing a Single Tooth with an Implant

Replacing a single missing tooth is easy to accomplish with a single dental implant. The post of the dental implant is designed to act the same as the root of the tooth and the dental crown looks and functions like a real tooth. It does not require additional maintenance.

Replacing Multiple Missing Teeth

Dr. Walsh may recommend dental implants to replace multiple missing teeth where a single implant is placed at the site of each of your missing teeth. A dental bridge may also be effective for replacing multiple missing teeth. A three unit bridge can replace multiple missing teeth when it is anchored by dental implants. This creates a stable foundation, as the end units are attached to dental implants that will integrate with the jaw bone.

Implant supported dentures present a more permanent solution for replacing a full arch or all of the teeth. While traditional dentures adhere to the gum tissue with pastes or adhesives, implant supported dentures are anchored into the bone with dental implants. This prevents additional bone loss that occurs when traditional dentures are in use and provides a secure option for replacing missing teeth.

Dental implants are the most favored method of replacing missing teeth because of the benefits that they provide. If you are seeking treatment for missing teeth in Berwyn, IL or need more information about dental implants in Berwyn, IL, set up your consultation today!

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