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Esthetic vs. Functional Crown Lengthening

Esthetic Crown Lengthening

This relatively simple procedure usually takes about an hour to perform and is essentially a “gum lift”. During the procedure, the doctor removes excess gum and bone tissue and reshapes the smile to expose more of the natural tooth. While the procedure can be performed on just one tooth, it is most often done to the entire smile. The end result is that more of the natural tooth is exposed creating a wider, more beautiful smile.

Functional Crown Lengthening

Functional crown lengthening is needed in order to perform cosmetic or restorative procedures if a tooth is too far decayed, broken below the gumline, or has insufficient structure for restoration. In cases like this, the doctor will reshape the gums and supporting bone to allow for adequate room to place a high quality restoration.

Esthetic Crown Lengthening in Westmont, IL

If you think that you have a ‘gummy’ smile, then you may benefit from an esthetic crown lengthening procedure. This procedure is one type of a gum lift and usually takes about an hour. In this procedure, Dr. Timothy Walsh will remove excess gum tissue to reshape the smile and expose more of your natural tooth structure. The procedure can be performed on a single tooth or on your entire smile. The end result is that more of the natural tooth surface is exposed to create a beautiful smile.

Restoring a Gummy Smile in Westmont, IL

If you are self-conscious about your ‘gummy’ smile, we can perform an esthetic crown lengthening procedure that involves removing excess gum and possibly bone tissue to reshape the smile and expose more of the natural tooth. In some cases, Dr. Walsh may recommend this procedure to preserve the health of your smile since getting rid of excess gum tissue can help to prevent periodontal disease and keep gum disease under control. Exposing more of the surface area of the tooth structure can reduce the depths of periodontal pockets between the gums and teeth where bacteria thrive.

Crown Lengthening and Treatment for a Gummy Smile in Westmont, IL

Before the procedure begins, Dr. Walsh will administer a local anesthetic to prevent discomfort. He will make small incisions in the gum tissue to separate the gums from the teeth. In some cases, bone tissue can be removed to create a more natural looking smile. After the procedure is complete, Dr. Walsh will clean the incisions with sterile water and place sutures over the area. This can help the teeth and gums reattach to the other seamlessly. We will need to see you within one to two weeks to ensure that the tissue is healing properly.

If you have excess gum tissue that is affecting the appearance of your smile, periodontal plastic surgery can help. To determine if you are a good candidate for crown lengthening in Westmont, IL, set up your consultation today!

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